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A percentage of all sales of these designated products are donated to The Common Thread For The Cure.


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Arcadia Achella Lounge Series

Architex International Crypton® patterns

Carolina Business Furniture Retrospect Collections

Crossville, Inc. Glass Blox & Convergence Glass

Crypton® by Hi-Tex, Inc. Prairie

DarRan Furniture Industries, Inc.               The Metamorphis Collection

Dauphin Bobo Chair & All Lounge Seating

International Fabrics, Inc. The Kingston Collection (Crypton®)

Mayer Fabrics Positive Thoughts and Stitch Collections,
and Eden (Privacy Curtain)

Momentum Group

Naked Nylon Collection & Silica/Silica Tech

PLANK from United Tile Classic French Oak Collection

Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc. SuderTex Suede & American Specifier Collections

Versteel Chela Seating & Quanta HD Seating

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