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Helping Hand Grant

What the person with breast cancer needs most for her or his healing is as little worry as possible; yet serenity—especially freedom from financial stress—can be elusive. That’s where The Common Thread for the Cure steps in.  

With the support of our sponsors and donors, we offer Helping Hand Grants to persons (or their immediate families) within the furnishings and design industries who have breast cancer. Grants are made available each year to approved applicants. Grant amounts and the number of grants offered will vary based on the availability of funds.

Who Qualifies for a Grant?

Anyone who is affiliated with the furnishings and design industries may request a grant either for himself/herself or for a member of his/her immediate family (i.e. child, spouse, parent, sibling). The recipient must currently be battling breast cancer.

What qualifies for a Grant?

The purpose of a Helping Hand Grant is to aid breast cancer survivors and their families in areas where financial assistance is needed. For example, a grant can be used to meet household expenses, transportation costs, medical bills, etc.

How to Apply for a Grant

Your privacy is important. Our process is confidential and personal. To receive an application, please complete the form on this page, which is submitted directly to our Helping Hand Grant committee chair, Jane Barea.


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