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To unite the design and furnishiings industry in the battle against breast cancer. We support those individuals who are fighting breast cancer by offering financial assistance through confidential grants to assist in areas where additional financial aid is needed.


To educate and assist persons within the design and furnishings industry affected by breast cancer. We offer financial assistance to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible for individuals confronting this disease.


The Common Thread for the Cure Foundation was established in 2000 by Suzann Burkhead-Bray and Scott Burkhead in memory of their sister, Sandra Burkhead Campbell, who lost her long-term battle with breast cancer in February 1999. In the years since, we’ve awarded more than $1,500,000 in grants to deserving recipients in 38 states, Canada and Mexico.

About The Common Thread for the Cure

The design and furnishings industry is comprised of diverse elements—architecture, interior design, furniture design, lighting, fabrics, wallcoverings, flooring, and accessories—each vital, yet all made stronger by the others. The same premise holds true in combating breast cancer: Rallying together as an industry, our financial support to employees and their immediate family members with breast cancer is profoundly strengthened. The common thread that unites the industry in its business endeavors is aesthetics; the common thread that unites the industry in its battle to beat breast cancer is heart.

What We Do

A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Common Thread for the Cure Foundation is the united effort of the varied businesses and individuals within the design and furnishings industry to support their own in the battle against breast cancer. The Foundation’s grants provide relief from some of the financial stress that comes with the diagnosis. Anyone affiliated with the industry may request a grant for himself (herself) or for a member of his (her) immediate family (child, sibling, spouse, or parent). The grants can be used for whatever the survivor feels will provide the most benefit to himself (herself). Grants have been used for paying medical deductibles, housing during treatment away from home, mortgage payments, tuition for a child to continue college, car and home insurance costs, and taxes. This is only a small list—think about all the financial obligations you face every day. The Common Thread for the Cure is here to help take care of those things so survivors can focus on what is critical to them—survival.

We Need Your Help to Fulfill Our Mission.

What the person with breast cancer needs most for her or his healing is as little worry as possible, yet serenity—especially freedom from financial stress—can be elusive. Please donate today. Become a corporate sponsor. Volunteer to host or assist with a benefit event.

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